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These Images represent "proofs" of the Dane County Regional Airport, Madison, Wi. These scans were created with a low quality film scanner, and do not reflect the quality of the finished prints. Most of the pictures below were taken in 2001, meaning that they are extremely current. Other shots were taken in 2000 and 1999.

To acquire replacements for the large photos now in your conference room will not be cheap. This is for two reasons. First, to produce and mount quality images 30x40 inches is not an inexpensive proposistion. The negatives will be digitized, optimized for color, contrast, and sharpness, then printed to photographic paper and mounted on high quality gatorboard.Secondly, the vast majortiy of the aerial photography I've done of DCRA over the past few years has been done on speculation, so I must recoup some of the tremendous costs involved. So on top of production costs, there are also the costs involved in capturing the images.

Although the fact that these are expensive may seem bad for you, my potential customer, it is actually good. It is good because you can see exactly what is available, as opposed to hiring first, shooting, and hope everything turns out. There are really only a handful of days each year that the air is clear enough (haze free)to get good qualtity, high detail images.

The other good thing for you is that I can guarantee that no one can provide images of this quality for less.

The images below are representative samples. I have many similar angles if you are looking for something specific. I also have aerial documentation of the Runway 3/21 construction and 18/36 rennovation that you may want to consider acquiring for historical documentary purposes. I also have aerials from the most recent major flooding in May, 2000

I hope you enjoy these. You can email me at:, or drop me a line at (608) 271-5037

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